Kyoto High Waist Brief


Kyoto Collection 京都コレクション: Inspired by the historical capital of Japan. High-waisted brief made with Leavers lace, elastic tulle and velvet. It fits the silhouette of each woman, thanks to the gold regulator located at the rear. The seal of BRACLI is put by the strip of pearls that stimulates the pleasure zones of a woman.

Return Policy: If the Factory Seal is Broken, this Product Cannot Be Returned for Refund. Please Note That All Sales Of The Bracli Pearl G-String Are Final. Please Contact Customer Care If You Have Any Inquiries Regarding This Product Product Prior To Purchase.

Colors: Black

Materials: Pearls Of Manacor, 85% Polyamide 15% Spandex. Imported

Thong Sizes: Small Size (0-4 US)
Medium Size (4-8 US)
Large Size (8-12 US)
Plus Size (12-16)

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